Group Therapy


Group therapy provides a safe, supportive, challenging environment in which participants can experience insight and self understanding - reflecting on personal difficulties with the support of others.   You do not need any previous experience of counselling or psychotherapy to join a group, just a desire to interact with others in a safe, secure, confidential setting.   



One of the benefits of group therapy is finding new perspectives to look at the issues you are experiencing and to find ways to move forward.    Group therapy is a cost effective option as fees are lower than individual counselling and psychotherapy.

The therapy group will usually meet once a week for a hour and a half.  The groups are small - usually up to  eight individuals - facilitated by an experienced therapist.  Emphasis is placed on developing a sense of trust within the group and creating an inclusive environment.  



If you have an interest in joining a group please contact Anna on 01244 310113 / 07541 416936  or email .